5 Ways To...

…Drive Your Man Wild

In The Bedroom

Set fire to his pillows
Put laxatives in his tea
Repeat everything he says in a sarcastic, high-pitched voice
Cry; then, when he asks you what's wrong
get your
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Playing God

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my ex has new boyfriend or
how to get back with an ex boyfriend.
does my ex wife want me back
how to get over a ex girlfriend from
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The first fish I make is [...]

Why Do You Keep Failing Job Interviews?

Below are some standard interview questions,

each with a range of possible answers. Simply choose the answer that you would give in an interview situation.

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Question 1: What do you feel you would bring to the team?
(a) An unquantifiable sense of wellbeing.
(b) An in-depth understanding of almost all sexually transmitted diseases.
(c) A tiny little [...]

NEW WRITING: About The Author by Joel Stickley

I am astonishing.
I am telling you this because you may not have noticed;
I am, after all, far more perceptive than you.
I am also more handsome
and more comfortable in group situations.

My hands are better than your hands.
Your hands look like the hands of a child,
not the kind of hands that could behead a king
or calm a [...]