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no compensation for worker whose breasts were secretly photographed

The Public Sector Informant: February issue

A Queensland State Library employee has been denied compensation for a mental injury caused by her supervisor taking secret photos of her at work.

In the somewhat surprising ruling of Waugh v Simon Blackwood (2014), the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission upheld the decision [...]

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The Verdict on Reality
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These professional judges’ panels are
michael kors handbags outlet preordained celebrity collections of wit, wisdom and, at times, simpering idiocy that rule so
Michael Kors handbags outlet much of reality TV. These panels sometimes are chock
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cheap Michael Kors and sometime are heavy on shtick, but [...]

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Heat Up Your Memorial Day 2014 With The Hottest Sales Of The Weekend

Well, ladies and
discount Michael Kors gents, Memorial Day weekend is finally here.

And while most people wait all winter long for the beach, a barbecue and maybe some cocktails, we know what you really want a good old fashion bargain. After all, MDW signifies [...]

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Benjamin Franklin Bust Theft

Lawton told investigators she stole the bust because she wanted to get the owner of the cleaning service for whom she worked fired. She said crews who cleaned the home had been told it was valuable.

The 25 pound bust is one of only four created by French artist Jean Antoine Houdon and [...]

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The Geranium

Tuesday we studied Flannery OConnors first (The Geranium) and last (Judgment Day) short stories. What follows are my notes after re reading The Geranium. You can find the text of the
cheap fake oakleys story HERE.

(Please note that Flannery OConnor wrote about the people she knew, in the South, in the early 1900s. Her language [...]

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Avoiding Repetitive Stress Injuries from Using a Mouse

My interest in repetitive stress syndromes began approximately 10 years ago when my practice started seeing a much greater number of people suffering from the effects of computer work.

Despite all of my training and continuing education related to these types of injuries,
cheap oakley sunglasses I quickly realized that [...]

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by Bradlley Mckoy in Jobs at Isnare

You don’t need to lavish your boss with corporate gift baskets, although the thought is inviting. Honestly evaluate your self in terms of your work and how you get it done. If you’ve been in your job for 8 years and nothing exciting has happened, there must be something [...]

5 Ways To...

…Drive Your Man Wild

In The Bedroom

Set fire to his pillows
Put laxatives in his tea
Repeat everything he says in a sarcastic, high-pitched voice
Cry; then, when he asks you what's wrong
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Playing God

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The first fish I make is [...]

Why Do You Keep Failing Job Interviews?

Below are some standard interview questions,

each with a range of possible answers. Simply choose the answer that you would give in an interview situation.

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Question 1: What do you feel you would bring to the team?
(a) An unquantifiable sense of wellbeing.
(b) An in-depth understanding of almost all sexually transmitted diseases.
(c) A tiny little [...]