The Mighty Aisle

Luke Wright tells the story of Aisle16:

The Mighty Aisle

All hail, etcetera! Shut your mouths and cowerI bring a verse the like of which againyou’ll never hear. A verse that shows the powerthat poetry holds over fine y

oung men.Sit back, for this could take up to an
Will conditioning product planet much strong man, perfume [...]

Aisle Sixteen Revisited

Well, Big Frank the banker was pinstriped and neat coked up to his eyeballs and chewing his cheek when dreaming of methods to catch out the meek an underling entered and started to speak: Please sir, I

need help our investors are starting to scream. The big man just smiled and replied quite serene: [...]

Mondeo Man

Last week I walked through Maidenhead suburbs,
the houses huddled together in twos
like anoraked couples perched on a bench
on some Autumn day at the end of a pier.

Past kids playing scrappy 20 a side;
lads leaned on Bangra-blaring Golf GTIs;
Toyota Corollas with rear-view signs
on suckers: Dad’s Taxi, Baby on Board

and If you can read this I’ve [...]

The Ballad of Fat Josh

Fat Josh – his forehead dripped with lard

his manner blunt as bricks he lead a gang of burly boys with swear words on their lips an appetite for violence and a bigger one for chips they hung around

outside the school collective gut immense they yelled, and spat and vomited and caused untold offence they [...]


Imagine a pub on some hazy afternoon
with warm autumn sunlight being cast through the room
the second pint started, the discourse fermented
a large group of friends feeling fairly contented

And yet damn the conversation for Luke is not in it
no one’s paid him attention for nigh on a minute
his lips start to quiver and his head starts [...]

So like an ostrich

The poet strides across the boards reeling off his verse like some touched religious nut slowing down to emphasis the feeling he is sure will be aroused. Then a rut of his groin at the front row, this means he’s sexy too. Look at him there, smoldering away like Heathcliff, shooting the stale breeze to [...]

The Meek

Seven PM,
we're here – Stepney
pre-weekend beers
extended sesh
meek Drew meets gentle Beth
he resembles Dexter Fletcher
her eyes gelled green
she's Renne Zellweger buy cheap cialis meets Betty Spencer
svelte yet sexless

hey sweets he creeps

her tender flesh
pecks her sherbet cheek
she merely tee-hee-hees
then screeches Feed me Drew!

They enter The Ten Bells
(est. seventeen-seventy-three)
where he spends freely
they get entrees, mezze, Red [...]

NEW WRITING: Colonel Crampon Goes Off by Luke Wright

Colonel Crampon Goes Off

college english papers

His brolley drips pools of dreary water
on the mock marble floor at Kelvedon station
he remembers when there used to be a porter
here to help with bags, chat to whilst waiting
now there's just a fat man that sells bad news
and worse coffee. Colonel Crampon buys both,
his Telegraph expunging the same sad [...]

NEW WRITING: The Company of Men By Luke Wright

Before my voice even broke I turned my back on being a bloke You see, I grew up in Colchester Where very little culture stirs A soldier town where cabbies boast ‘bout how they used to beat up Blur and me in bottle green cords coming back from after-school activities would see from the windows [...]