Teach yourself to worry about nothing not to dread new emails in your inbox what kind of letters the postman will bring bills dropping on the porch floor like breezeblocks Picture your name engraved on a tombstone etched by the day you were born, today's date. Take ten minutes extra for lunch, go home and don't apologise

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read the Guardian and if you decide you want a quick sleep sprawl yourself across your brand new hammock ignore the outside world, let it run amok. It's hard to imagine being stress free not to worry how things will be next year

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barbecue is not skiving, eat sausages, rice salad, pour some wine instead of being stressed, you're paragliding through the air, waving at people below. Whenever you feel you're being hassled go to the garden and no-one will

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to enjoy your life, first enjoy your lunch.


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