Aisle16 was founded in 2000 by Luke Wright & Ross Sutherland. Back then it was a poetry club above a communist theme pub.

By 2002 ‘Aisle16′ was the term used to describe the resident poets at the club. They started taking shows to Edinburgh and Glastonbury. Their fast words, caustic wit and their unashamed embrace of pop culture won them many fans.

By 2006 Luke Wright, Ross Sutherland, Chris Hicks and Joel Stickley were operating a bit like a band: spending days on end with only each other for company as they toured their most successful show to date – Poetry Boyband.

Boybands only have a limited shelf-life and by 2007 the boys had moved on. Opening the doors to new members, Aisle16 was no longer a tight-knit unit, but a looser collective of writers sharing ideas and collaborating on projects as and when the fancy took them.

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Aisle16 currently operates – a home-made night of literary cabaret in London’s Eastend.

There are a number of live literature shows under the Aisle16 banner that are available for bookings .